The following information gives you an idea of the fees I charge for various services that I offer. There may be some variance depending on how far I may have to travel or how many times you wish to meet with me before each ceremony is completed and delivered. But I hope that this info will give you some general ideas of cost. Other fees, for my workshops and spiritual counselling sessions, are listed in the relevant sections of this website.

Weddings, Handfastings, Vow Renewals and Commitment Ceremonies


This costing includes;

  • an initial deposit of £150 to secure the date with me as your celebrant

  • all meetings to prepare your wedding script so it is exactly as you wish

  • a keepsake edition of your wedding script

  • talking through the legal requirements for your wedding

  • any extra meetings with your close family and friends

  • delivery of the ceremony on the day!


Extra costs might arise only if I am doing a lot of extra travelling, making overnight stays, or if you require a full wedding rehearsal.


Funerals and Memorial Services

Funeral £180

Pre-written funerals £160

Infant funerals – No charge

All funeral costs include

  • meetings with family members and friends to prepare a funeral service that truly honours the life of a beloved. Facilitating discussion to ensure precious memories are incorporated to create a ceremony filled with love.

  • support for those writing eulogies (or you may wish to share your memories and thoughts with me and I will craft the eulogy for you and which you will be able to approve).

  • suggestions for appropriate and sensitive poems, songs, readings,prayers, hymns, blessings, etc.

  • a keepsake edition of the funeral service

  • spiritual counselling (if needed).


Baby blessings and naming ceremonies

From £160

  • an initial deposit of £50

  • meetings with parents, family, friends to create a totally loving blessing or naming ceremony

  • a keepsake edition of the blessing ceremony


Bespoke one-off ceremonies – Milestones

These types of ceremony may be anything from

  • a rite of passage

  • celebrating a new phase in life – a new home, new job, retirement

  • a positive affirmation ceremony honouring a divorce or separation

  • blessing a work or living space – including House Blessings

  • creating a blessing for a missing person

  • creating a community ceremony

  • in fact, anything that you need at any given time.


The cost of preparing these ceremonies will obviously vary depending on what is needed and how much time we need to spend together discussing the ceremony format and content, so we would just need to discuss your requirements! Costs will begin at £70 for more simple ceremonies.

Animal ceremonies

Animal memorial or funeral rites, creating a reconciliation/blessing/wish for ourselves for missing/lost pets, celebrations of animals in our lives and ceremonies actually involving animal companions are also very one-off! The cost of these services will vary but will be from £40. Please speak to me about exactly what you would want.

Any extra costs?

As stated above, extra costs might arise only if I am doing a lot of extra travelling or making overnight stays away from home.

Please speak to me freely about your requirements if you are in position where you would need to pay by instalments, or to discuss any flexibility around costs.