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Spiritual Counselling/


“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in the darkness, the astonishing light of your being.”


Spiritual counselling is a form of counselling as any other where a client presents with an issue that is troubling them and for which they seek counselling. It is different to other forms of counselling in that it is taken as a given that as well as the two participants – client and counsellor – the third presence, for both, within the counselling space, is that of the god ‘of each other’s understanding’. To enter this process both client and counsellor do not need to share exactly the same understanding of a ‘god’ or presence, just share an acknowledgement that such a presence, or guiding energy, is present to hold the space. I hope the text below can help say this clearly as it takes you through the process. 

If, after you have read this, you feel that spiritual counselling is something that would benefit you, please do contact me and we can talk about the process in more detail. 


Spiritual counselling. What is it and what does it mean to me? How can I describe this space between two people in straightforward terms?

Yes, it is meeting with someone, perhaps, indeed most likely, someone you have never met before. One of you will be in the role of counsellor and one, client. There will probably be a reason the meeting has been requested – anything from the client having a specifically spiritual question to a feeling of wanting to understand a practical problem or an emotional issue. And so, contractual agreements are set; days, times, duration of sessions, costs, how meetings will be held, (preferably in person but perhaps, in these days or due to distance, by Skype or even over the phone). 

When you meet you agree to meet mutually in a place where there isn’t an idea of just the two of you: Instead, for the period of time you are together you create a space between you that is fully aware of a greater spiritual ‘presence’. Each of you, counsellor and client, are held, in perfect, safe, loving hands for the duration of each session, by the god of each other’s understanding. It doesn’t matter if your ‘gods’ are the same, what matters is the presence of that awareness and acceptance of that guiding and holding energy into the space between and around you. 

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This is a space where confidentiality is respected and upheld. A space where judgment, ideas of right and wrong and egos are left at the door. It is a space where silence can be just as healing as speaking. Where deep listening and being of service are the watchwords for the counsellor. Where ideas of ‘fixing’ something or someone are redundant because in the eyes of the counsellor, there is a perfect human being sitting in front of them who has lost sight of the truth and beauty of their being.

Spirit flows in this space, not intellectual posturing. And with the help of that greater spiritual presence, who is ‘in the driving seat’, the session will hopefully facilitate a gentle healing process to guide the client back to the truth of wholeness about themselves.

For me it is as Rumi, the great poet has described; that meeting in a field of non-judgement.

A mutually beneficial meeting of hearts, held safe by Spirit.​

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there.”


Fees for spiritual counselling begin at £50 for one hour.

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