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Wild Church and Workshops

“The real alchemy is transforming the base self into gold or into spiritual awareness. That’s really what new alchemy’s all about.”

Fred Alan Wolf

There is a strong emphasis on the natural world in my workshops. Because now, more than ever, as we are attempting to pull our world back from climate crisis, I feel that it is vital that we revitalise our connection to the world around us with respect and awe. Spirituality and beauty are all around us – even as we walk along urban pavements – and I would love to share the wonder of this with you.

In my workshops I try to combine my interfaith ministry with my background knowledge as a qualified medical herbalist and tour guide. So, I offer short and longer workshops to offer different perspectives on encountering ‘spiritual landscapes’.

Due to Covid 19 restrictions as we have gone through 2020 my workshops have undergone drastic revisions! Most of the workshops previously listed WILL be rescheduled for 2021. I am also currently working on a new schedule of workshops and events for Wisewood Wild Church to be held in various venues around Scotland next year. So please keep checking for news!

At the moment I am happy to let you know that the workshops and wild church events listed below are all going ahead online so I hope that you can join me for these on the Zoom platform.


Plant Encounters

Adventures with native plants and trees

From 16 September to 7 October 6pm

Trees plant encounters opt.jpg
Wild Church

On EARTH DAY - 22nd April 2020, I launched Wisewood Interfaith Wild Church. Wild Church is an opportunity to fully engage with the ‘church of the wild’. A place to encounter and share the wisdom of the natural world, share poems, prayers, readings, guided meditations, sacred saunters and take time to breathe…and understand our reciprocal healing relationship with the wild world around us.

Wisewood is an interfaith (and none) space so holds no specific doctrine and all paths are welcome. We currently meet once a month. If you wish to join us, find the Wisewood Wild Church page on Facebook where all up to date information on upcoming meetings is shared. If you are not on Facebook, please email me at the address on this website and I can send out Zoom links separately if necessary.

Once we are able to meet together, regular outdoor meetings and events for those able to attend will be held, whilst there will also be a continuation of regular online Zooms for those who are further afield. So please stay tuned to all things Wisewood as there will be lots of events coming up in 2021.

Plant Encounters:
Adventures with native plants and trees
Series 1

Wednesdays  - 16th September to 7th October

6pm - 7.30pm on the zoom platform

Hello everyone! Are you interested in getting to know plants – specifically herbs and trees- a bit better.  Would you like to spend some time with us in our first series of plant encounters – learning about the marvels of the plant world?

In our series of 4 online sessions we will share our combined knowledge and experience as medical herbalists as we investigate plants as healers – physically, emotionally and spiritually. In each hour and a half session we will be spending time looking at a specific plant from a variety of perspectives – historical, energetic, medicinal and ceremonial and we will illustrate how you can benefit from interacting with each one, and how to use them in creating special space in your homes and lives – from uses in the kitchen and home pharmacy, to use in seasonal ceremony. We will show you how to make and use your own simple plant preparations for effective, basic herbal remedy use at home, and provide ‘after-notes’ for you to use later. For sessions in September and October 2020 we will be looking at Marigold, Elderflower, Nettle and Limeflower.

We would love you to come along and join us both for this lighthearted but rewarding journey where we will each be bringing our own slants on how to engage with the herbs and trees around us.

This first in a series of sessions will run on Wednesday evenings from 6 until 7.30pm, on the Zoom platform, beginning on 16th September and ending on 7th October. The cost for this series of interactive workshops is £100. Places will be limited so we ask that you book early to secure your place. 

If you are interested then please contact Jean at or Kim at and we can let you know how to book and secure your place.

Trees plant encounters opt.jpg

And here is a bit about us….


Who are we?


Rev. Kim Atherton-Dow

Kim gained her BSc in Herbal Medicine at the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine in 2004. She worked as medical herbalist, reflexologist and masseur for many years before becoming a storyteller and guide in Scotland. In 2019, after studying with One Spirit Interfaith Foundation, she was ordained as an Interfaith Minister and tries to bring as many people as possible to the joys and healing of the natural world through her Interfaith Wisewood Wild Church initiative.

Jean Atherton-Dow

Jean gained her BSc in Herbal Medicine at the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine in 2004. She has been in practice for 16 years and sees a wide range of patients from the ages of 6 months to 92 years of age. Jean is currently studying functional medicine – which combines traditional herbal practices with cutting edge scientific testing to get to the origins of complex chronic disease.

Both Jean and Kim share a love of animals and have a large family of rescue dogs, cats, hens and turkeys.